Application support services

We follow the highest industry standards and help businesses access reliable, round-the-clock application maintenance and support. We help businesses meet new goals by ensuring their application development efforts, DevOps, and online support experience no downtime

Application maintenance & support

Application development and maintenance service needs are changing rapidly to accommodate more digitally enabled operational and competitive requirements. Our services enable the clients to achieve their business goals quickly and efficiently.
Shinetech’s Application Development and Maintenance Services combine application development, application maintenance and support, legacy modernization, and custom solution implementation.

Enhance Existing Systems

Ongoing development efforts to add more features or enhance existing systems to meet new business needs.

Our Application

SLA Driven Production Support

Our industry-standard SLA processes ensure timely actions where support needed to keep your business running smoothly without any interruption.


Enterprise Application

We plan and execute application migration to new platforms without impacting the current systems.


Bugs and Problem Tracking

Ongoing development efforts to add more features or enhance existing systems to meet new business needs.


Security and Compliance Upgrades

Shinetech developers follow the latest security standards and perform the necessary actions to make your system secure and compliant.

Approaches to application support

Multi–Level Incident Resolution Framework

Our skilled and experienced developers provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 support solutions – including bug fixing, application monitoring and infrastructure maintenance. We offer 24/7 application support services through a global delivery model.

We can bring you:

Why Shinetech

Since 2001, we have been providing premium software development services to our clients. Over the years, we have successfully
delivered 1500 + projects. We have built an excellent reputation among our clients by exceeding their expectations in providing quality software and fast delivery.

1) High-quality results from skilled and experienced developers

2) Transparent engagement and
clear communication

3) Self-organized DevOps teams with efficient collaboration

4) Reduced operational cost and improved return on investment

5) On-demand support service for OS and infrastructure upgrades

6) Recommendations for business process improvement

Let's discuss how we can
make your application work better for your business.

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