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Magento eCommerce interface
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Awards Finalist

A Magento eCommerce Solution for a Global Enterprise

Magento, PHP

This first website using our solutions saw a 300-400% increase in sales and revenue after just 4 months of development. Client then planned to mirror the results for 15 websites spread across other regions around the globe.

Shopify Website Rescue and Optimizaiton

Shopify, React, Node.js, MongoDB, CSS in JS

The website was 70% finished by another team before Shinetech took over. The structure involved integrating multiple services with different functionalities and dependencies, including Shopify, a custom frontend, and a standalone database.

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React development




ecommerce migration desktop mobile
shopify developers


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SQL server development

SQL Server

Strategic eCommerce Website Migration and ERP Systems Integration

Shopify, C#, jQuery, SQL Server, CSS in JS

This case study showcases Shinetech’s expertise in executing a seamless website migration, creating an engaging e-commerce platform on Shopify, and successfully integrating it with an ERP system.

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