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You can successfully expand into Chinese market with the right tools, platforms, and people that can help you develop, upgrade, and maintain your systems.

Cross-border eCommerce Service

Currently, the situation with cross-border eCommerce in China is growing. The Chinese government is set on opening the borders for international companies to do business locally and introduced several laws and regulations that help achieve this effort.

Shinetech Software has been a stable development partner for many reputable cross-border eCommerce companies in the past years;  Our developers have extensive experience in helping international customers establish their operations in China. We have extensive knowledge and deep expertise to leverage the technologies and adapt them to your specific needs. We have successfully navigated through different regulations that impact our customers’ eCommerce business and we would like to help more entities reach Chinese markets and succeed in their expansion.

Here are the services we provide to mitigate risk, accelerate expansion, and ensure the processes run smoothly, so your product can reach its destination securely.

Cross-border eCommerce consulting

Cross-border eCommerce Consulting

Cross-border eCommerce Consulting involves providing a thorough action plan with precise deliverables and detailed strategy for their implementation. We describe the exact steps of our process, adapt them to your specific needs and requirements, and describe in-depth how we will apply them to fit your business and contribute to your success. We also take risk factors into the equation, ensuring sustainable growth.


Offline Business Localisation Support

Shinetech personnel can assist with your offline store deployment as a safety precaution. People at our nearest development center can be physically present to oversee deployment efforts and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. After the launch, we also provide support and maintenance services for your offline and online systems, guaranteeing smooth operation.

Mainstream eCommerce platform intergration

Mainstream eCommerce Platform Integration

We successfully integrated numerous systems with major eCommerce platforms like Tmall, Koala, Kuaishou, and Lazada. Based on the established plan, we will connect your business with your chosen platform and provide technical and training support. We focus on integrating and automating sales, product, and marketing management, inventory control, and production of financial statements..

Mainstream warehouse platform intergration

Mainstream Warehouse Platform Integration

We are partnered with Caindao, the leading Chinese-based warehouse logistics platform, and through their APIs, we can easily set up inventory and transport tracking. The API can be connected to your ERP system, enabling you to track critical data from your international HQ in real-time and react to changed market needs, especially in times of increased demand.

POS system development and intergration

POS System Development and Integration

We can develop a proprietary POS system to support your business model by responding to China’s consumer expectations and the market’s best practices. Alternatively, we can also integrate your infrastructure with a third-party POS system. Both options include self-pickup, in-store solutions, and integration for the ‘1210’ imported pharmaceutical retail business model.

ERP system development and intergration

ERP System Development and Integration

We focus on integrating your ERP with front-end POS, back-end warehouse logistics, and payment gateways to provide you with mission-critical data on your customers. We streamline your auditing by feeding sales, product, inventory, and financial information into your ERP. We also complete automatic customs clearance by matching three crucial customs declaration documents.

You can discuss each of the above sections of our cross-border eCommerce service with us to uncover the best fit for your business. Whether you require developing a dedicated ERP module or want to understand more about first-hand supply chain operations, simply contact us via the contact form below – we will be happy to share more of our insight!

Data security and compliance

Data security and compliance for cross-border eCommerce is a crucial legal and regulatory requirement for businesses wanting to set up operations in China. Our customers need to be compliant with the regulations and prevent any disruptions to the systems, so for this reason, Shinetech specialists actively follow and implement the latest best practices from the cybersecurity field.

One of the most important aspects of data compliance concerns the data collected from customer interactions. China has regulations prohibiting using exact consumer data such as government-issued IDs, credit card numbers, etc. The systems we develop fully comply with Chinese data regulation laws; personal data is not kept on record. However, other data critical for making informed business decisions is directly recorded in your ERP system.

You also receive near-instant analytics and stock updates from all connected systems, allowing you to always keep track of your inventory regardless of where your headquarters is located. This setup enables real-time inventory and product tracking and helps with auditing work.

Apart from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, we provide Cross-border eCommerce Services to the Following Industries

Apparel and Equipment

Fashion and Beauty

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Benefits of partnering with Shinetech

International eCommerce experience

Cross-functional teams with T-shaped skillsets

Experience in developing localised eCommerce solutions

Reliable partner for custom software development

Long-term maintenance and support

Robust cross-border solutions fit for your needs

Case Study: How Shinetech helps a large pharmacy company enter Chinese market

Client started cooperation with Shinetech in 2013. So far, Shinetech has successfully connected client’s backend management systems with some of the biggest e-commerce websites in China such as Tmall, Kaola, and Kuaishou. They have also integrated with the top e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, which is Lazada. The systems that have been included are ERP, sales management, product management, marketing management, inventory control, and financial audit reporting, among others.

Read our entire case study on how we added value to client and helped them become a market leader, now successfully expanding its operations in China.

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