Case study:

Smart Vehicle Management Platform

By harnessing sensor technology, the platform gathers real-time data on vehicle conditions. Through the utilization of wireless communication networks and advanced intelligent information processing techniques, we enable smart traffic management, intelligent traffic information services, and vehicle control.

Our comprehensive solution empowers clients, including insurance companies and vehicle management firms, to effectively manage and analyze vehicle data. By analyzing driver and vehicle data, users facilitate early risk prediction and operational adjustments, leading to enhanced economic and social benefits.

Client & Requirement

Client partners with several renowned local and global insurance, reinsurance, and logistics companies to provide targeted solutions for car manufacturers, helping them to cutting costs and enhancing productivity when traffic accident occurs.

Normally, individuals find it challenging to accurately recall accident details during vehicle insurance claims. To address this issue, client requested us to create an innovative Internet of Vehicles Platform, through which the data on the driver’s driving patterns and vehicle operations before and after the accident will be collected. By analyzing this data, users gain valuable insights into the root causes of the accident, making it easier for insurance companies to process claims.


Shinetech’s IoT team developed a tailored solution that enables real-time monitoring of intelligent terminal devices installed in vehicles. This solution involves gathering vehicle device, road, and environmental information, as well as data from onboard sensors. These diverse data sources are processed, computed, and shared via an information network platform. This platform supports big data analysis, algorithm training, data sharing, and secure data publishing. Furthermore, it enables effective guidance, supervision, and delivery of professional multimedia and mobile Internet application services for vehicles, all tailored to specific functional requirements. With Shinetech’s solution, clients can optimize their vehicle operations and enhance user experiences.

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The result

The system has been launched successfully in the market, allowing effective management of logistics vehicles for clients. It efficiently collects and integrates crucial vehicle information such as real-time radar scenes, video images, location data, vehicle operation data, and driver behavior information in a timely, precise, and efficient manner,enabling clients to effectively monitor and analyze their fleet. By generating behavior analysis reports on a real-time, quarterly, and yearly basis, the platform assesses driver behavior, risk factors, and accident prevention data, providing reliable safety report. Ultimately, the platform enables risk control, fewer accidents, and improved claims processing efficiency.

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