Migrate/Modernize legacy systems
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Legacy System Migration/Modernization

Companies that use old systems in the day-to-day business operation may find themselves getting into the situations like below:

  • The systems can not be updated or maintened any longer but are critical to the business operation, and it is not easy to replace them.
  • It gets harder and harder to find developers for maintenance for that the systems are based on outdated technologies and need to be translated into modern codes.

How to deal with it

In most situations, we do not suggest clients to replace/retire the old systems in one step, but take an evolution view to settle the problem from reusing the systems.

See below some of the solutions we have ever made for clients:

Maintain the backend data, and rebuild a new frontend system that applies the current business logic and provides the right user experience.
Modernize the old system to modern technologies if there is no significant change in the business logic.
Apply the current business logic step by step in the old legacy system, and simultaneously retire the most problem-ridden parts of the system over time.
Build a wrapper that brings the required business logic around the old system. It retains the stability while eliminating the risks and difficulty in breaking the system.

After full consideration about risks, security, price, and time factors, we may suggest you to take one of the solutions above or provide a new solution that is unique and tailored to your scenarios.

Why Shinetech

Rich experience in business digital transformation
Most of the legacy system related requirements are initiated by business transformation. We know the specialty and complicacy the legacy system connecting to business and know how to deal with it.
User-centered design and development
Shinetech takes it one of the project success criteria whether users love to use the system we build.
Onsite +offshore combined delivery model
We have built a delivery center in Sydney. The center provides roles like Product Owner, Delivery Manager that works at client’s site for a period of time to gain a deep understanding of the legacy system problems, and ensures that clients and users' needs are reflected in final product. He works with the development team in China to deliver the product on time and within budget.

Australia is only two hours ahead of China

The small time difference allows quick response from the offshore development team in China and improves the communication efficiency.

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