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Dedicated Offshore Developers

Hybrid Onsite Offshore Delivery Model

We have been in the business for over 17 years. Every day, our developers work with over 150 clients and their in-house IT teams in the US, Australia, UK and other European countries, making deliveries and integrations together.

Shinetech is your great partner when looking to expand capacity of your development teams. We provide competent onsite/ offshore Agile Developers that are not only experts in their technical domain to consistently deliver high quality code, but also dedicated and efficient to offer solutions for the problems you encountered. They can capture your business requirements, carefully consider the best technical solution, then code and deliver quality software application/functional modules that help to quickly solve your problems or make your ideas happen.

Why we commit ourselves to cultivating Agile Developers?

Over 50% of our business comes from clients who have had poor experience working with other development teams in the past and want us to take over development or redo their project.

The core value of our service comes from developers with Agile Mindset.

We found from our outsourcing business that a developer with business value perspective is much more creative and positive when working with clients. We called it Agile Mindset when we met Agile Development twelve years ago.

With Agile Mindset, our developers are easy communicated, more positive and self-managed. They work in the same way with local developers in the US/Europe. Their collaboration with clients goes smooth and effective.

All of our develoeprs have 3~8 years' experience in most modern programming languages and technology stacks like below.

.Net Core
Microsoft .Net
Ruby on rails
React Native
Google Cloud

How We do it

Through lessons in the past years, we know developers' technical capability is not the only factor to be considered in offshore collaboration. Learn how Shinetech solves the common problems you may face in remote development collaboration.

We believe it is essential to bring our team onsite to your offices. You will quickly get to know who is "Russel", "Jack" or "Alex".. Working together onsite facilitates the first trust, and the team will also better understand your business requests. At Shinetech, we offer our new customers one week of onsite work without any additional cost.

You are also welcome come to our offices in China and work with team together. Face to face communication is very important for remote teams. Most of our successful projects began with our teams meeting clients, working onsite and utilising face to face communication.

In Shinetech, video meetings are also common once a week in a newly set up team. Voice calls are also very good for ad hoc meetings, stand up meetings or daily updates. All our developers can use Skype or GoToMeeting for voice or video calls.

Australia is only 2 hours ahead of China, it helps us to work together. Saying "hello" or face to face welcome in daily stand up meetings helps a lot, then you know that the team starts to work and the team knows you work,too.

If you are used to setting up away messages/out of office notes, it would be very valuable for remote teams. Or we can use a virtual office tool like Socoo, Slack or Screenhero. You and the team are not in the same offices and cannot see each other. It would be useful if each knows others are currently working or back soon.

Some cultures have a thing call "Losing Face". Some of our developers may be shy to ask the same questions repeatedly. They may want to research deeply and try to solve the problems but there can still be risks and inefficiencies. You may notice this if this happens - You might sense a change in body language or speaking tone. If you do notice anything, please feel free explain more or ask any follow up questions to ensure they fully understand.

When you and our teams set up good communication methods, you will be able to have more direct business requests rather than technical requests. It may be challenging at the start, but if done well, you will be enjoying your beach and beer.

Pair-programming is a great practice for remote works. you are welcome to ask a Shinetech developer in your team to work with you as a pair. This will allow you to easily see their coding capacity. They will also be able to understand your code style, framework and current system. It is also a good way to let team understand your business logic, values and strategy better.

We deliver working systems by iterations, it is a good way for any type of projects or products. you can use it for testing, review, demo or even pre-sell. Your team in Shinetech will build CI and CD environments, all team members can check daily updates and weekly or monthly releases.

It's always good for you and the team to know each other's thoughts for the latest iteration. Join our retrospective meetings and discuss the Top 3 good things and Top 3 things that need improvement together.


Shinetech has collaborated with over 300 clients from Australia and New Zealand. Most of the cooperations have been over 2 years, out of which, the longest one is 11 years.

Shinetech Australian clients distribution

Stable Team for Long term cooperation

We know how important a stable development team is for you. It takes time for developers to understand clients' business and what they need, which facilitate seamless cooperation. Each time a team member is switched, it sacrifices the development efficiency. Shinetech is recognized for the stable development team throughout its collaboration with clients.

Shinetech developers
Jameson Huang
Sr .NET Engineer
7 years working for
Shinetech developers
Cee Wang
Sr JAVA Engineer
6 years working for
a digital marketing firm
Shinetech developers
Bin Hu
Sr .NET Engineer
10 years working for
Shinetech developers
Wei Zhang
Sr JAVA Engineer
8 years working for
a public service firm

Some Data Facts in Shinetech

Years of Shinetech developers working for specific clients
  • 36 developers have been working for specific clients for 6~11 years
  • 114 developers have been working for specific clients for 3~5 years
  • 150 developers have been working for specific clients for 1.5~2.5 years

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