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Hire agile developers that focus on delivering business value

We have been in the business for over 17 years. Every day, our developers work with over 150 clients and their in-house IT teams in New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Brisbane, London and other 50 cities in the world, making deliveries and integrations together.

Shinetech is your great partner when looking to expand capacity of your development teams. We provide competent onshore/offshore Agile Developers that are not only experts in their technical domain to consistently deliver high quality code, but also dedicated and efficient to offer solutions for the problems you encountered. They can capture your business requirements, carefully consider the best technical solution, then code and deliver quality software application/functional modules that help to quickly solve your problems or make your ideas happen.

Developers with Agile Mindset

Over 50% of our business comes from clients who have had poor experience working with other development teams in the past and want us to take over development or redo their project.

The core value of our service comes from developers with Agile Mindset.

We found from our outsourcing business that a developer with business value perspective is much more creative and positive when working with clients. We called it Agile Mindset when we met Agile Development twelve years ago.

With Agile Mindset, our developers are easy communicated, more positive to learn and improve, and to solve problems. Their collaboration with clients goes smooth and effective.

We provide full stack develoeprs with 3~10 years' experience in technologies below, strictly no junior guys or freelancers.

.Net Core
Microsoft .Net
React Native
Google Cloud

Stable Team and Long term cooperation

We know how important a stable development team is for you. It takes time for developers to understand clients' business and what they need, which facilitate seamless cooperation. Each time a team member is switched, it sacrifices the development efficiency. Shinetech is recognized for the stable development team throughout its collaboration with clients.

Shinetech developers
Jameson Huang
Sr .NET Engineer
7 years working for
Shinetech developers
Cee Wang
Sr JAVA Engineer
6 years working for
a US marketing firm
Shinetech developers
Bin Hu
Sr JAVA Engineer
10 years working for
Formpak in UK
Shinetech developers
Wei Zhang
Sr JAVA Engineer
8 years working for
a UK public service firm

Some Data Facts in Shinetech

Years of Shinetech developers working for specific clients
  • 36 developers have been working for specific clients for 6~11 years
  • 114 developers have been working for specific clients for 3~5 years
  • 150 developers have been working for specific clients for 1.5~2.5 years

Our Policy

Work For Free if Developer Switched

Shinetech developers will not be switched without your approval. If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineer.

Shinetech policy for knowledge transfer


Based on your user stories or similar requirements, we deliver visible working software in iterations of one or two weeks. Unconditional refund is offered if you are not satisfied with the deliveries of the latest interation.

Shinetech policy for knowledge transfer

How We do it

Through lessons in the past years, we know developers' technical capability is not the only factor to be considered in offshore collaboration.

Working together on face to face communication facilitates the first trust. Most of our successful projects began with our teams meeting clients. we offer our new customers one week of onsite work without any additional cost.

Australia is only 2 hours ahead of China, it helps us to work together.

Shinetech Australia provides onshore/onsite developers that give quick support to clients emergencies.

They take complex development works that demand frequent in-person or real-time communicaiton.

We deliver working systems by iterations, it is a good way for any type of projects or products. Your team in Shinetech will build Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) environments, all team members can check check daily updates and weekly or monthly releases.

Pair-programming is a great practice for remote works. you are welcome to ask a Shinetech developer in your team to work with you as a pair. This will allow you to easily see their coding capacity. It is also a good way to let team understand your business logic, values and strategy better.

It's always good for you and the team to know each other's thoughts for the latest iteration. Join our retrospective meetings and discuss the Top 3 good things and Top 3 things that need improvement together.


Shinetech has collaborated with over 300 clients from Australia and New Zealand. Most of the cooperations have been over 2 years, out of which, the longest one is 11 years.

Shinetech Australian clients distribution


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