Shinetech assist an AU Vehicle Leasing Company with Automated Management System

Self-storage Management System

Shinetech assists an US Self-storage Company to manage its business intelligently


Microsoft Azure, ASP.Net/MVC,
WPF, Kendo UI/Telerik,
javascript/jQuery, SQL Server

"Over the years since, we've eliminated our work with any other development companies and because of their high quality work, do business exclusively with Shinetech. They have made the tenuous balance of running a hybrid onshore /offshore solution easy to achieve."

--Justin Baird, CubeSmart


The client, a Nasdaq-listed company based in New York City, specializes in self-storage business, currently has 1632 self-service storage points covering 36 states and is the fourth largest self-service storage operator in the United States.

In 2009, the customer's business has just started. A complete self-service storage customer center system is urgently needed to meet the needs of its business development and internal management.

How We Work

Earlier in the partnership, Shinetech formed a team of eight developers working on Agile Method, which worked closely with the client's IT department and project manager, including: short daily meeting to share project status, questions and answers, schedule, and next arrangements.

And for the varying working amount, we understand it is hard for the client to foster a large dedicated ODC team. But if a complete new team will be built up for each specific project when coming through, the knowledge and experiences accumulated in previous similar projects could not be well inherited into the new one, then it brings the risks of low efficiency and inaccurate estimation on the project. So Shinetech designed a blending model of ODC + Fixed Price to satisfy the client’s situation. We assigned a lead developer to full time work for the client by ODC charging on monthly basis. He masters the skills used mostly in all client’s projects, is good at communication capability, and takes charge of understanding all projects business requirements and ensuring client’s expectations for each project. Normally, when there is no other project, the lead developer works on projects and tasks assigned to his ODC hours. Once the client has other separate projects, while the lead developer keeps working on his own tasks, he will also use a few hours per day from the ODC time (1 - 2 hours) to act as the project manager for the other projects in order to make a smooth and quick initiation on kicking off. He will make requirement research and estimate, handpick proper Shinetech Software Inc. 2 resources, build up a right team with a good structure, provide training and knowledge transfer to the new team, assign tasks to the members, track and control the progress and quality, etc. For the other resources, they work on Fixed Price basis, and will be disbanded when the specific project is completed. Another remarkable advantage of the model is that even if the team is disbanded, the lead developer is always available for bug fixing and knowledge accumulation or transfer for future new resources when there is further new request for this project or similar ones.

Over the years, while adhering to the US warehouse industry standards, our team developed a set of self-service storage customer center system for PC and mobile terminals, including unit booking, rental mode, a variety of payment methods, account management, unit status inquiry (climate, humidity, door Yards, etc.) and other functions.