Shinetech case,Office Automation Product for an AU Client

Office Automation Product for an AU Client

Shinetech case,Office Automation Product for an AU Client


iterative and incremental development,
office automation system,
9 years' collaboration

"AccountAbility have worked with Shinetech in a very effective relationship continuously since 2007. Shinetech deliver a consistently high standard of work. We find all of the Shinetech people we deal with to be skilled, productive and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Shinetech."

-Terry McMillan, AccountAbility Access Pty Ltd

Client's situation

Client is a start-up based in Australia who planned to build a SaaS product of an automated office suite for ad re-sellers to run their business in a convenient and cost-effective way. The customer had a clear vision of the features required for the system, but had concerns on investment risks. Client therefore sought assistance for a pragmatic solution to get his investment back in short term.


Based on customer's requirements, the Shinetech team:

• prioritized the business requirements in reasonable order, define the scope of the product V1 within the budget.

• utilized the limited budget for QA with basic quality requirement testing, which allowed sufficient resource for essential functions development.

• adopted iterative and incremental development: we made it a iteration for every 2~3 weeks, with workable and integrated deliveries, for the customer to check whether the product was built as expected.

Within the first year, the Shinetech team of 4 developers and 1 tester successfully delivered the product V1 to put into market, beyond client's expectations. By reinvesting the income from product V1 into development, the client moved forward with the product V2 and V3 development.

We delivered the product on budget on quality, even only 1 tester was involved. Various testing methods were used to ensure the functionality and overall quality, which are unit testing, automated testing, and even manual testing. Developers understood what the goal is and made successful integrations in iterations. They worked closely and effectively, and they coded in compliance with the code criteria. As for the inevitable system bugs, they were usually fixed within four hours to minimize the impact by the strong support from the Shinetech team.


The product has hit good sales since it was introduced to the market, and the client is happy to keep one full-time developer of the Shinetech team for product maintenance.