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By virtue of rich experience accumulated from software development services provided for global customers from the United States, Australia, Norway and Sweden over the past 16 years, Shinetech can help your business move toward the road of informatization and internetization, so as to achieve the goals of low cost and efficient operation;

Informatization: Aims to effectively reduce management costs. Informatization can achieve such functions as dynamic data of hotel rooms are clear at a glance, quick and convenient handling of check-in and check-out procedures and automatic generation of multiple reports required.

Internetization: The products can be presented directly in front of customers more effectively, thereby reducing all intermediate links and improving user experience. For an enterprise and its customers, it’s a win-win situation.

Project Experience

Travel Order Management System

Founded in 1984, Langley is one of Sweden’s largest travel agencies. It operates 16 hotels and resorts around the world. With the rapid development of its business, Langley needs a set of products to help coordinate hotel resources all over the world to reach the maximum occupancy rate.

Internal Office System for a Travel Agency

Qinhuangdao Golden Holiday Travel Service is a company mainly engaged in domestic travel business. This project is the internal office system of the Travel Service. All operations of the Travel Service are implemented through this system, including the development of affordable tourist routes, the entry of tour group member information and the tracking of the status of each tour group, etc. Meanwhile, financial settlement can also be carried out for each tour group.


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Shinetech Guarantee

  • The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within one week.

  • The contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if client is not satisfied with the work.

  • If for any reason team member needs to be switched, we offer a knowledge transfer period of 20 working days, free of charge, for the leader and 10 working days for the engineer.