Farming and Breeding

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Farming & Breeding

Shinetech focuses on promoting enterprise innovation by means of IT and has begun to work on agriculture related software customization projects pretty early on. From the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, agricultural product distributors, breeding enterprises to farmers in Australia and the United States, we have helped our customers achieve innovation in agricultural technology and business practice and accumulated rich experience in IoT, the e-commerce of agricultural products, agricultural insurance, farming/aquaculture and other fields.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The emergence of big data and IoT technologies has greatly promoted the modernization of farming and breeding and improved the quality and efficiency. Shinetech has entered the IoT field as early as 2011 and trained our own RFID resources, and then successfully completed related projects of different sizes in a number of fields. In 2015, we used IoT technology to develop a set of custom software systems that enable intelligent monitoring and feeding for a fishery enterprise in Wuhan, which aroused great repercussion in the industry, as a result, the competitiveness of the enterprise has been enhanced through innovation and its sales and profits has been sharply increased. This even attracted the attention of and later was covered by Xinhua News Agency.

Project Experiences

Aquaculture IoT System

The output of China’s aquatic products account for about two thirds of the world’s total, however, the vast majority of acquaculture still remain in traditional blind breeding condition, leading to serious pollution of aquatic products, and the quality is difficult to improve, moreover, the lack of information about market changes also makes it difficult for farmers to obtain expected revenue. The customer aimed to change this situation by means of intelligent and automated farming.

Intelligent Farming System

Australia has long been hailed as “a country riding on the back of sheep”, for it has very developed agriculture and animal husbandry, the scale of farms range from thousands of square meters to thousands of hectares. Though bringing convenience to farming, high mechanization also faces many problems in the management of mechanical equipment and farm lands. The further upgrading of mechanized farming to intelligent farming by means of IoT technology becomes the only way to achieve farm management informatization.


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